• Be prepared to view as soon as you can. 

    The best properties in the market get the most attention, so don’t waste any time when it comes to buying your new home. 

  • Put yourself in the best position to buy. 

    Qualify yourself for a mortgage as soon as possible. When buying a property it is also worth providing your estate agent with as much information as possible, from your property try to be chain free and ready to proceed with the purchase.

  • Multiple viewings. 

    Try and view the property more than once and at different times of the day.  Include weekends, when the neighbours are at home and at rush hour to check how local roads may be affected by congestion. If this property is to be yours, then you need to be informed not only about the house but also the surrounding area.

  • Look beneath the surface. 

    When buying a house it is important to view with an open mind base your opinions on every aspect of the property. Make sure you distinguish between major work and ‘cosmetic’ work.

  • Protect yourself   

    Property surveys maybe expensive but they can uncover any major defects which may help you renegotiate on price or even reconsider the purchase.  Expert opinion can uncover aspects you may have missed. 

  • Location, location, location. 

    Research the local schools, shops, parking, transport and neighbours to get a good feel of what it will be like to live in this new property. Your dream house may not be so idyllic when you consider all of its aspects.  

  • Don't rule out the full asking price. 

    If you find your ideal home and it is priced correctly, consider offering the full asking price to avoid losing out. By bidding correctly and accurately for your desired property you stand a much greater chance of getting your dream home.

  • Ask lots of questions about the property. 

    If this is going to be the home of your dreams then ask as many questions as you can about it.  Remember to ask about any previous building work that has been undertaken, as well as any major faults that have been highlighted during your own viewings or points arising out of inspections. 

  • Remember, the estate agent works for the seller. 

    The agent is working on behalf of the vendor so be willing and eager to view properties so that you’re top of the agent’s list to call. Stay in regular contact so they are aware of your interest in any of their properties.

  • Don't be put off by a property that is on the market at a low price compared to others in the area. 

    In this housing market some of the best deals are sold on behalf of developers and lenders and are priced to sell quickly.  These properties include some of the best value houses around, so remember to give these your consideration.